ATF Homebrew



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StyleNumber StyleName Place Style StyleSubName Name EntryName
01 Standard American Beer
1 01A American Light Lager Trey Lovelace The Antagonist
2 01B American Lager Ed Christian USA grown
3 01D American Wheat Beer Sean Gallagher Am. Wheat
02 International Lager
1 02A International Pale Lager Ed Christian Fly
03 Czech Lager
1 03D Czech Dark Lager Ernie Smith Tar Baby
2 03A Czech Pale Lager Anthony Mercer Czech In The Mail
04 Pale Malty European Lager
1 04A Munich Helles James McNulty Jim's Helles
2 04A Munich Helles Walt Bilous He Man's Helles
05 Pale Bitter European Beer
1 05D German Pils Ed Christian Take your meds
2 05D German Pils Joe Domm DommBurger
3 05B Kolsch Joe Domm Domm Kolsch
06 Amber Malty European Lager
2 06A Marzen Jeff Veltkamp Munich On My Mind
07 Amber Bitter European Beer
1 07B Altbier Joe Domm Domm Altbier
2 07A Vienna Lager Mario Sindaco Vienna Lager
3 07A Vienna Lager Joe Domm Domm Vienna
08 Dark European Lager
1 08A Munich Dunkel Joe Domm Domm Dunkel
3 08A Munich Dunkel Trey Lovelace Munich Dunkel
09 Strong European Beer
1 09A Doppelbock Jeffrey Constantine Dopple Dribble
10 German Wheat Beer
2 10A Weissbier Jeff Veltkamp Beer for Breakfast
3 10A Weissbier JP Gallagher Wolkig
11 Brittish Bitter
1 11C Strong Bitter Ernie Smith Bitter Brit
2 11B Best Bitter Trey Lovelace Denver Pride
3 11B Best Bitter Walt Bilous bitter
12 Pale Commonwealth Beer
1 12A British Golden Ale Joe Domm Raptors Delight
13 Brown British Beer
1 13C English Porter Trey Lovelace Brendam Docks
2 13B British Brown Ale Trey Lovelace The Rook
3 13A Dark Mild Trey Lovelace The Publican
15 Irish Beer
1 15A Irish Red Ale Ed Christian Molly's Red
3 15A Irish Red Ale Sean Gallagher I.R.A.
16 Dark British Beer
1 16B Oatmeal Stout Ed Christian Strong bowl
2 16A Sweet Stout Randy Smith Sweetie
17 Strong British Ale
1 17B Old Ale Justin Brooks Old Snug Nuts Ale
2 17C Wee Heavy Zach Kosslow Tranquility Scotch Ale
3 17D English Barleywine Rob Jones QAR - I'm getting old and slow
18 Pale American Ale
1 18B American Pale Ale Daan Muller Pine Juice
2 18B American Pale Ale Ed Christian Pail Puppy
3 18A Blonde Ale Jeffrey Constantine Yo Adrienne!
19 Amber and Brown American Beer
2 19C American Brown Ale Mike McGuire Hardest working beer in NC
3 19A American Amber Ale Anthony Mercer Gnarly Branch Amber
20 American Porter and Stout
1 20C Imperial Stout Allen Smith Mail Order Bride
2 20A American Porter Joshua Veronee Never Trust a Yankee
21 IPA
1 21B Specialty IPA Brad Schuler Rye IPA 2016
2 21A American IPA Ed Christian Susan
3 21A American IPA Jeffrey Constantine Hop Shart
4 21B Specialty IPA Daan Muller D&DII Darkness IPA
22 Strong American Ale
1 22B American Strong Ale Joe Domm StrongBad
2 22A Double IPA Marcus Payne Dewdrop Double
23 European Sour Ale
1 23A Berliner Weisse Gregory Ellis Some Like it TART
2 23A Berliner Weisse Joshua Veronee No Boil,No Hops,No Problem
24 Belgian Ale
1 24A Witbier Jeffrey Constantine Wit or Witout You
2 24B Belgian Pale Ale Gregory Ellis Pale Rider
3 24B Belgian Pale Ale Sam Millard Bitter Old Monk
25 Strong Belgian Ale
1 25B Saison Mark Griffith Field of dreams
2 25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale Randy Smith Goldie Long Legs
3 25B Saison Mark Hunnell Symmetric Saison
26 Trappist Ale
1 26B Belgian Dubbel Ed Christian Dubbel trouble
2 26C Belgian Tripel Brandon Moyer Belgian Tripel
3 26A Trappist Single Joe Darden West End Girls
27 Historical Beer
2 27A Historical Beer Zach Kosslow [Insert Punny Gose Name Here]
28 American Wild Ale
1 28A Brett Beer Christopher Wood Bretter late than never
2 28C Wild Specialty Beer William Sanders Caitlyn's Komb
3 28A Brett Beer Mike Hogan Uptown Funk
29 Fruit Beer
1 29A Fruit Beer Christopher Wood Blueberry Berliner Weissmann
2 29B Fruit and Spice Beer James Torre Pesche con Crema
3 29C Specialty Fruit Beer Ernie Smith Blonde Bombshell
30 Spiced Beer
1 30B Autumn Seasonal Beer Ed Christian Everything nice
2 30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer Zach Kosslow Whole Beanz
3 30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer Jeff Sheaman By the bay
4 30A Spice, Herb or Vegetable Beer Daniel Callender Mornin' Buzz Stout
32 Smoked Beer
1 32B Specialty Smoked Beer Brian Ruswinkle Smoked English Ale
2 32A Classic Style Smoked Beer Anthony Mercer Gnarly Branch Smoked Porter
33 Wood Beer
1 33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Hampton Peterman El Chupacabra Whiskey Barrel Stout
2 33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Zach Kosslow Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout
3 33B Specialty Wood-Aged Beer Ryan Spruill Pitt County Stout
4 33A Wood-Aged Beer Jake Mettam Mixed Up Monk
34 Specialty Beer
1 34C Experimental Beer Joshua Veronee Never Trust a Yankee w/ Marshmellow
2 34B Mixed-Style Beer Brian Ruswinkle Hibiscus Shandy
3 34C Experimental Beer Jeffrey Constantine Thug Life